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This is an archive for the stories I've distributed with the newsletter (see Free Stories Delivered Right To Your Emailbox for more info on the newsletter).

Like any artist, I crave feedback. If you have any opinions, positive or negative, on any of the stories you've found here, I'd love to hear from you at [email protected].

To help you find stories you'd like to read, I've categorized these into 4 rough groups, Hard Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and SF/F. Go here for my definitions of the categories.

There is no explicit sex or gore in any of these stories, but perhaps a few of them have a more adult theme than others. I've marked those with a PG and a reason for the mark, i.e. (PG non-explicit sex). I will never change the content of a story or remove it from this site due to feedback, but if you feel a story should have been marked with a PG that wasn't, I'll at least listen to your reasoning. I probably won't give a story a PG for simply having a few four letter words, however.

A note about copyrights. Despite their being published on the web and sent out in email, I continue to hold all copyrights to these stories. You are welcome to read them. You are encouraged to tell your friends about them. You are also encouraged to forward the newsletter to anyone who might be interested in it. However, my name must stay attached to the story at all times and you can not change the content of the story in any way other than formatting (as long as all the words are there, in their original order, I'm happy). Also, you may not use any of these stories in a magazine, fanzine, e-zine, etc without permission from me. But, hey, do ask about that. I'm very likely to say yes to you putting them in your zine if you ask nicely. However, I'll likely say no if I have a moral or ethical disagreement with the content of the mag (i.e. you'll never get permission to include one of my stories in the "Wifebeaters of America" newsletter).

Michael P. Calligaro

Hard Science Fiction

Competition A view of the near future and what is required to be a succesful criminal there. This takes place in the same universe as "Einstein Was A Spy," and Darrek shows up in both a sequel and one of my novels.
Sometimes a writer will go to great lengths to satisfy a silly need. When it comes down to it, I wrote this whole story so that I could put one of the lines near the end in it.
6500 words. Posted 1 Nov 1997.
Schrodinger's Tale It's hard to say much about this without giving stuff away. It's said, however, that all writers write a "writer's story." This is mine.
This was the first time I ever tried to do a collaboration. In fact, the first three sections were largely written by my collaborator, John Douceur. Unfortunately, John's and my writing styles (as well as our goals for the story) were different enough that the collaboration didn't work out. I hope to someday be able to post his version somewhere, as it's very interesting (and a great testimonial to the fact that two people starting with the same idea, even the same seed text, will go in totally different directions).
6500 words. Posted 1 Oct 1997.
Einstein Was A Spy A young scientist learns the hard way that the scientific community is not always appreciative of radical ideas that challenge what is currently believed to be true.
This was the first short I ever wrote. It would also be first I ever sold, but the magazine died before printing it.
3400 words. Posted 15 Sept 1997.

Science Fiction

A Place To Die This is a loose sequel to "Free Time" below. While you shouldn't need to have read FT to understand this one, if you plan to read them both you should probably read FT first.
This is the first story I ever wrote in the first person point of view. It seems to have worked out okay, so I'm not sure why I haven't written much else in that format.
5668 words. Posted 1 Dec 1997.
Free Time An overworked businessman stumbles across a strange shop with an even stranger proprietor who promises to give him what he needs most in the world, for a price.
This was the second story I ever wrote. Believe it or not, I wrote this before taking my current day job.
4200 words. Posted 15 Sept 1997.


Circle Of Power The story of how a mage became, almost by accident, the most powerful wizard on the planet.
This takes place in the same universe as my first three novels, and is actually the early story of the young ghost from the title page.
6800 words. Posted 15 Sept 1997.


Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology An exploration into Clarke's famous quote. The full quote is, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
4200 words. Posted 15 Sept 1997.

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