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While I have high hopes for my writing career, I'm nowhere near quitting my day job (and not sure I'll ever want to). What puts food on the table is programming. Being an SDE (Software Development Engineer) is really cool. Have you ever been using your computer and said, "Damn it, I wish this stupid thing would just do this"? Well, when that happens to me, I sit down and write something to do what I want. So, for the most part, you'll find that the things I'm offering here are programs that fulfill some need that I had. They're not necessarily intended for mass audiences. However, I've found that there are generally other people who get some benefit out of my programs, and I've got extra hard drive space on my site, so I might as well make them available to you here. Of course, I'm always interested in feedback. If you'd like to see a program do something different, I'll at least read your mail and think about implementing the feature. Can't promise that I'll actually do it, though.

Kanatran This is a program I wrote to help me study Japanese. It started as a simple IME and has grown into a flashcard/dictionary program that does hiragana, katakana, and kanji on your own list of words.
Beware, it has some serious limitations, though. Go to the kanatran page to learn more about the limitations.
30 Nov 1997

Michael P. Calligaro

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