I'll post reviews here. I suppose I might review anything, but for the time being, it'll mostly be PC video game reviews. I'm an avid gamer and play alot. I also spend a lot of time reading the different magazines and figuring out which games to play. If you like an occasional video game, but are confounded by the enormous number of titles to choose from, perhaps you can save yourself some time by reading my reviews.

Note that, because I read up on my games so much before buying them, you're unlikely to see too many highly negative reviews here. It's only an occasional X-wing Vs Tie Fighter where I let the sheer greatness of the previous efforts blind me to the atrocity of a new game.

Michael P. Calligaro

Ultima Online

In my not so humble opinion, the single best thing that's ever come to role playing games and possibly games in general.

Multiplayer-only Role Playing Game set in the Ultima Universe.

Bytor Score: 97% for its genre, 95% for any genre.

X-Wing vs Tie Fighter

It's downright shocking that this waste of time and money was made by the same people who created the fantastic X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and Dark Forces products.

Space combat theoretically set in the Star Wars universe.

Bytor Score: 40% for its genre, 20% for any genre.

Dungeon Keeper

The last Bullfrog game under the leadership of Peter Molyneux. A whole lot of amazing stuff has come out of Bullfrog under his rule, and this is no exception.

Realtime strategy meets role playing game meets Sim City.

Bytor Score: 95% for its genre, 90% for any genre.

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