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Sites I like that have something to do with reading and writing Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Science Fiction Down Under

A cool site for SF enthusiasts, this has movie and book reviews, SF/F images, and author bios. It also has a diverse set of other features including a tourist's guide to cities in Austrailia (as the name implies, the site originates in Austrailia).

SFF Net Home Page
SFF Net Newsgroups

At one time, everyone who was anyone in the science fiction and fantasy writing community who was also online hung out on GEnie. Through gross mismanagement and general stupidity, GEnie dropped the ball and the writing community spread to the winds. A significant number of them landed on sff.net, a site dedicated to providing a place for SF/F fans and writers to get together. I haven't spent much time on their web page, but I enjoy their newsgroups (hosted at news.sff.net) immensely.

The Galactic Citizen Home Page

The Galactic Citizen is a SF/F magazine edited by another HFer, William Keaton (WJaKe). JT is assistant editor and Deb started the mag back when. The Galactic Citizen has published a bunch of my stuff and is one of the more professional of the amateur magazines.

Holly Lisle's Home Page
Holly Lisle's Forward Motion (newsletter) Page

Holly is a good friend, a great writer, and an amazing woman. If you think you've had it rough recently, ask Holly how her last 4 or so years have been. But, despite an assault of bad Karma that would have turned Job sour, she's continued to be one of the nicest people around, and a fantastic mother to her children. Her insights on the Forward Motion page are invaluable to both aspiring writers and everyday people just trying to get through this thing we call life.

Deb Houdek Rule's Home Page

Deb's a great writer and probably the single greatest inspiration that got me to start writing. Also, of all the writer's groups in which I've participated over the years, the ones that had Deb in them have been the most fruitful.

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