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I'll be posting opinion pieces here. In short, I'll rant about something that I'm currently thinking about. Maybe you'll find them interesting and keep coming back for them, or maybe you won't. But, as with all pages on this site (and the site itself) I'm happy to hear from you with feedback. Send mail to [email protected].

This page is black and white in order to provide a stark contrast to the real world, where, in opinions, there are no blacks and whites, only shades of gray. Cough. Yeah right. And if you believe that, I've got a nice bridge to sell you. In reality, I got tired of coming up with color schemes for all these pages. . . .

Michael P. Calligaro

An Open Letter To A Senator

In 1996, worried about the direction he was taking our country, I wrote a letter to one of my Senators. Looking over it tonight I realize that the situation has only gotten worse. So, while the very end of this is dated, most of it, sadly, still applies.

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