So you've got this, well, this thing, and you don't know where to put it. It's small and doesn't really belong in any of the other places where things belong in your house. So, you toss it into that one magical spot, the home of misfits and miscreants. You toss it into your junk drawer.

This is my junk drawer. I don't know where this stuff belongs, so I put it here. Still, hidden between the half-dead batteries, dried out pens, and combination locks from high school, you might find something interesting here. Good luck.

Michael P. Calligaro

My PGP5 Key This is my PGP5 key. If you don't know what PGP is, then get over to the PGP home page. PGP is an encryption program that lets you guarantee that the only people who can read your mail are the people you want to read your mail. There are some poor, misguided, individuals (okay, whole organizations) in Washington DC who think they should be able to read your mail too. They are currently manuvering to pass laws to ensure that power. It would be a really good idea to download the free version of PGP before they pass those laws. Hey, maybe right now you don't care if everyone in the world can read what you type in email. But, on the off chance that you change your mind later and would like to protect your privacy, why not download PGP now, while you're still allowed to?

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