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The Dilbert Home Page

Hey, I'm an engineer, how can I resist? Seriously, the Dilbert sit was the inspiration for The Daily Dose. I noticed that this was the one site I made sure to visit daily and spent some time figuring out why. I realized it was because the Dilbert site has great content that changes daily and only takes a minute to read (a boon to someone as busy as me). So that's exactly what I'm trying to do with The Daily Dose.

The Pretty Good Privacy Home Page

Possibly the single most important tool for freedom and democracy in the information age, PGP is available for free in the US and will soon be available worldwide. Tyrants and dictators the world over are afraid of this software. It lets you communicate in private, keeping out the prying eyes of illicit interlopers. Unfortunately, the "leaders of the free world" are also afraid of it. Their definition of "freedom" is apparently quite different than mine. They're currently maneuvering to make what PGP does illegal. Get it while you still can.

The Pretty Good Solitaire Home Page

On a far lighter note, this is one of the most popular and certainly one of the best shareware titles available for windows. If you have any interest at all in Solitaire, check this site out. It was written by a friend of mine named Tom Warfield (or Tomstaafl, as he's known on the Heinlein Forum).

SFF Net Home Page
SFF Net Newsgroups

At one time, everyone who was anyone in the science fiction and fantasy writing community who was also online hung out on GEnie. Through gross mismanagement and general stupidity, GEnie dropped the ball and the writing community spread to the winds. A significant number of them landed on, a site dedicated to providing a place for SF/F fans and writers to get together. I haven't spent much time on their web page, but I enjoy their newsgroups (hosted at immensely.

The Heinlein Forum (newsgroup)

A group of possibly the best people in the world. I stumbled across them in '92 when the HF was hosted on Prodigy, and never left. While most of the members are Heinlein aficionados, we pretty much talked RAH to death in the first few years of the HF's existence. Now, we talk about just about everything and anything (even Heinlein sometimes :-). But, unlike in most places on the net, the light to heat ratio is greater than one on the HF (far greater than one). We have rip roaring arguments, er, discussions, but rarely ever a flame war. Members of the HF have gotten together for a number of "Gatherings" (yeah, many of us are Highlander fans too) around the US and have always been amazed at how people who had not officially met immediately felt like old friends getting together after a long absence. This is the closest thing to Callahan's Crosstime Saloon that any of us have ever found.

One last thing. The HF is directly responsible for my starting to write. So, if you like my writing, thank them. If you hate it, it's all their fault. (-:

Deb Houdek Rule's Home Page
JT's Home Page

Two friends from the HF. (The Pretty Good Solitaire site listed above is also run by an HFer.) Deb's a great writer and probably the single greatest inspiration that got me to start writing. JT is our official organization man. He had the most to do with bringing the HF to SFF net. Getting us to move was nothing short of amazing. It's easier to herd cats than HFers, but JT pulled it off. Of course, now that we're on SFF net, we'll say we always wanted to be there.

The Galactic Citizen Home Page

The Galactic Citizen is a SF/F magazine edited by another HFer, William Keaton (WJaKe). JT is assistant editor and Deb started the mag back when. The Galactic Citizen has published a bunch of my stuff and is one of the more professional of the amateur magazines.

Holly Lisle's Home Page
Holly Lisle's Forward Motion (newsletter) Page

Holly is a good friend, a great writer, and an amazing woman. If you think you've had it rough recently, ask Holly how her last 4 or so years have been. But, despite an assault of bad Karma that would have turned Job sour, she's continued to be one of the nicest people around, and a fantastic mother to her children. Her insights on the Forward Motion page are invaluable to both aspiring writers and everyday people just trying to get through this thing we call life.

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