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Professional Sections


Updated 30 Nov 97

After the Daily Dose, this is the main point of this site. Here you will find an archive of the stories I've distributed in my newsletter. They're categorized and free to read.

Writing Links

Updated 30 Nov 97

These are links to sites that have something to do with reading or writing Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Personal Sections


Updated 30 Nov 97

In my other life I write code. I'm making things I've written available for download as shareware. Though I generally write programs for my own benefit, perhaps you'll find them usefull as well.


Updated 28 Nov 97

I also play a lot of PC video games. Here you can see what I think of some of the ones I've played recently.

Opinion Piece

Updated 26 Sept 97

The ultimate in ego trips. Here I rant about something that's currently on my mind. I don't know why I think you might possibly care about the things in the personal sections, but hey, I've got the space, so I'll post it. (-:


Updated 15 Sept 97

Misc personal stuff that didn't seem to fit in the other places.

Personal Links

Updated 30 Nov 97

Links to people, places, and things I enjoy. Yeah, there's alot of overlap between the personal and writing links.

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