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The Daily Dose is a long running story that I'll be telling in tiny doses (a new dose becoming available daily, thus the name). The basic idea is that every day you will come to the Mystikeep and get the next installment of the story. The doses are very short (you'll probably read each in a minute or two), so you won't spend too much time reading a day's worth. My hope is that you'll make reading The Daily Dose part of your morning ritual the same way I've made reading Dilbert part of mine.

The Dose is a far term science fiction story in which a couple thousand humans have fled from the Earth, found a society of other races, and are currently trying to fit in. The story is told from the standpoint of Alfonso Tanaka, the owner of a bar (called "The Daily Dose") in a fairly obscure spaceport.

As the Dose has just started, I won't tell much more right now. I figure sometime in the future I'll make this page into a "What has gone before" type of thing.

Internet Explorer 4 users. If you'd like to put the Daily Dose on your active desktop, I suggest pointing the desktop at (here). That page is a cut down version of the main mystikeep page with little but the dose wasting space. It should be ideal for putting on your desktop, but if you'd like to see me change it in some way, just ask.

Michael P. Calligaro

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