Although coding requires creativity, my main creative outlet is storytelling. That said, my writing style mirrors my coding one. Here too I'm a "function over form" guy. I don't have anything against people who fill their novels with beautiful text describing every last detail of the world, but those don't happen to be the kinds of stories I like to read. And, following my philosophy for "success," I write the kinds of stories I do like to read. I focus on science fiction and fantasy over other genres and tend to favor story over prose.

I've been dusting off some of my old novels and preparing them for the Kindle Store. The first two are up now. If you don't have a Kindle but do have a Windows Phone 7 device, check out the Kindle app. You can read these stories there.

The Daily Dose
A far term science fiction story originally told as a daily serial that spanned a year and a half.

An adventure story that's a mixture of science fiction and fantasy.