My son and I go snowboarding almost every weekend from December to April. Like most Pacific Northwest snow geeks, I spend all sorts of time studying the telemetry provided by The Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center. Although there's a lot of useful information in that telemetry, I find that I care about a subset of it. Has there been a melt-refreeze cycle recently (icy conditions)? Has there been any new snow? Has there been any (gulp) rain? Etc. Separately, when it's time to head up to the mountain, my wife always wants to know how the roads are (she worries about us driving in bad conditions).

Snowminder is an app designed to simplify this process. It does light analysis of the telemetry data and simplifies the output to the information I'm looking for. It shows the webcam data from,, and the various ski resorts and provides links to the places I might want to check before leaving. It's free because I didn't want to charge for an app where I aggregate other people's free data. That said, I find the app to be extremely useful. If you also find it useful and want to compensate me in some way, the best thing you can do is buy one of my other apps.

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Screen shots of SnowMinder in action

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