A "Reverse Polish Notation" (RPN) Calculator opperates a little differently than you might expect. At first glance, it may seem "backwards," but once you get used to it, you may not want to ever go back to a normal calculator again. That's what happened to me. I used an HP 28s RPN Calculator in college, and I liked it so much that I keep writing RPN Calculators whenever a new programming technology arrives. RPNCalc is practically my "Hello World" app, but I keep writing it because this is the calculator that I use regularly.

This version is for Windows Phone 7 and is available in the Marketplace. There are three modes. If you hold the phone normally, you get a the most commonly used calculator functions. Turn the phone sideways and RPNCalc becomes a scientific calculator. Turn the phone to the other side for a programmer's calculator. The free trial is fully functional, but nags you to buy it every few calculations.

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A description of how to operate an RPN Calculator

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