Cinco is a simple little text game that I like. It's kind of a cross between mastermind and hangman. The game selects a five letter word and you need to guess it. Each time you guess, you're given two numbers. The first is how many of the letters in your guess are in the word. The second is how many of the letters in your guess are in the right position in the word. The game makes the first guess for you, and then you have 20 more guesses. The trick is that every guess you make must be a real word.

Using logic, you should be able to figure out which letters can not and must be in the word. To help you keep track of these letters, you can mark letters red or the phone accent color. Use the marks however you'd like (the game doesn't care). I use red for letters that I know aren't in the word. To mark letters, type the ones you want to change and hit the "Mark" button. If you hit Mark multiple times, it cycles through the available colors.

Cinco's dictionary contains English words that aren't proper nouns (no names, etc). The exception to this is the word "cinco" because I'd find it annoying if the game didn't know its own name.

The trial version of the game is fully featured, but picks from a list of 10 words. The full version has close to 5000.

Screen Shots
Screen shots of Cinco in action

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