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Matthew Calligaro: My website

Hello and welcome to my website. At this time, my website is still developing, so contains very few sections. In the future, I plan to add widows phone and widows 8 apps, a Halo 4 walkthrough, and do-it-yourself building projects. My main goal for my website is to inform and instruct viewers, so I intend mostly to write walkthroughs and instructional guides. I do not plan to make any money from this site, so you can always enjoy an add-free experience.

Halo Reach Walkthrough

My Halo Reach walkthrough focuses on the campaign and firefight sections of Halo Reach. I provide an extensive overview of the game describing all of the important aspects of campaign and firefight gameplay including enemies, weapons, vehicles, and structures. I provide detailed, step-by-step walkthroughs of each Halo Reach mission demonstrating how to complete the mission on Legendary alone without running by enemies.

This is the very first sub category of my website. I chose to write this section because I wanted to teach myself HTML and really enjoy playing Halo Reach. After developing great strategies through hundreds of hours of play years prior, I felt that I had something useful to share with the internet. I therefore dedicated part of my 2012 summer to writing and coding my very first website.

Halo 4 Walkthrough

To follow up on my Halo Reach walkthrough, I have also created a walkthrough for Halo 4. Once again, I mainly focus on the campaign, but I also provide advice for Spartan Ops and War Games. It addition to step by step walkthroughs for each campaign mission on Legendary alone, I am now incorporating narrated videos as a new medium for each mission.

Spartan Ops RPG

In order to learn JavaScript over the summer, I created this text based game based in the Hale Spartan Ops universe. While my main purpose in creating this game has been to learn JavaScript (it is my second program with the language), I also did my best to produce a complete and enjoyable experience. I replicated all of the aspects of Halo that I could by included over 12 weapons, 10 types of enemies, and 5 actions. While the graphics are very simplistic and the gameplay is rather linear, there is a large amount of strategy and I find the game to be quite fun and challenging.

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