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The Package

This video walkthrough demonstrates how to complete the Halo Reach mission “The Package” on Legendary alone without running by enemies. I include commentary explaining the best strategies as I perform them in the video. Skip to 9:00 for the second rally point and 15:00 for the third rally point. Be sure to set the quailty to 480p for the best viewing expirience.

Part 1: Torch and Bun

"The Package" is a relatively short mission. The first two thirds are rather easy, and the largest challenge is a long firefight at the end. The easiness of this level is mostly due to a scorpion that you can use for a good portion of the mission, allowing you to kill many enemies with ease.

After the mission “ONI: Sword Base”, covenant forces have stormed Sword Base and occupied the area around it. Your current objective is to clear out this covenant and destroy Sword Base to protect sensitive information. You start "The Package" with a 30 ammo DMR, a 128 ammo assault rifle, and Sprint. You and a group of three ODSTs are initially instructed to clear out the covenant occupying the coms array. Currently, the covenant have no warning that you are coming, so will not attack you until you shoot or get to close. I would suggest either turning up your brightness or turning on your night vision because it is very dark out and hard to see enemies.

Begin by walking directly to your left, hugging the edge of the boundary. Jump down the rock into the water and sprint up behind the two flat boulders in front of you. From here, you have both good cover and a good shot at all of the enemies. Ahead of you, there are four Grunt majors on the deck of the building, 4 Grunt heavies with fuel rods, two Grunt operated shade turrets, and two Grunt operated ghosts. In addition, there is a Jackal sniper with a focus rifle in the sniper tower, but you do not have a clear shot at it from this location. The shade turrets and fuel rod Grunts are the largest threats because they inflict the most damage. Therefore, begin by killing the Grunt operating either shade turret with a headshot. This will alert the other Grunts of your presence, but they will only shoot at you, not charge you. Continue to use the rock as cover and kill the Grunt operating the other shade turret. Next, kill the Grunt heavies, and finally the remaining Grunts majors. If you have a good shot at the Grunts piloting either ghosts, kill them as well.

Begin DMR sniping enemies once you reach this rock. It will provide good cover from the shade turrets, ghosts, and fuel rods.

Once you kill all of the visible enemies, sprint across the lake into the building to your left. Climb the stairs and swap your assault rifle for a plasma pistol from one of the Grunt majors you killed on the deck. Enter the inner room, where you will find a DMR crate and two health kits on the deck outside of this room. Restock on DMR ammo and health if necessary. From the inner room, you have a clear shot at any remaining enemies, including the sniper tower with the Jackal sniper. Stun and jack both ghosts if you have not already killed the drivers.

This room provides you with both cover and DMR ammo.

After you kill all of the enemies, Carter will inform you of an operational scorpion ahead. As you follow the dirt road, you will soon see this scorpion, and you will also see a turret tower farther down the road. First kill all of the Grunts with your DMR, then enter the scorpion. Otherwise, the turrets will damage the scorpion and can even kill you while you start it up.

Continue down the dirt road and you will soon come to a sharp turn in the path. On the other side of this turn, there are is a shade turret and a turret tower immediately to your left, seven Grunts and an Elite farther up to your left, and another shade turret even farther up the road. When you take the turn, have the tank turret pointed so that you can quickly kill the shade turret and turret rower. Also, be sure to take the turn at an angle so that you can backup if necessary. Next, slowly move forward in the scorpion and kill the second shade turret as soon as you can. Then fire shots at the covenant infantry, who will be standing next to two plasma batteries. Even if you cannot see the infantry, fire in their general vicinity and the explosion of the plasma batteries and the scorpion shells will kill them. After moving far enough on up the dirt road, three ghosts come down to you from around the corner up the path. Be prepared to shoot them as soon as they appear. Luckily, it only takes one shot to kill each ghost.

Be prepared to quickly kill each threat as soon as possible because scorpions are too large and cumbersome to take cover.

Now that you have dealt with all threats, drive up the dirt road. Carter will now order you to destroy the Tyrant anti-aircraft batteries ahead. Once you are far enough up the road, you will have a clear shot at each AA battery, so kill them with your scorpion. It takes around seven to ten shots to kill each gun. The falcon carrying the remainder of Noble team can now safely move to Sword Base. Once you drive up to the AA guns, you may find some surviving infantry around the wreckage, so be prepared to kill them as soon as possible. In addition, Banshees will fly towards you in formations of two, three, and three. Luckily, they too are easy to hit and only take one shot to kill. After killing all of these banshees, the falcon will leave for Sword Base, and you will need to continue down the dirt road to meet up with them.

The road will take you along the edge of a cliff to your left and a rock wall to your right. As soon as the road turns to the right, you will be able to see a sniper tower to your left and three ghosts to your right. First, kill the tower, and then bring the scorpion turret around to kill the ghosts. The ghosts will not always attack you at once; sometimes, some will stay behind the rocks and attack you once you move forward, so be watchful until you have killed all three.

After killing the last ghosts, park your scorpion. You are now very close to Sword Base, but there are many enemies outside that make it very difficult to simply drive up and shoot everything as you go. Between you and Sword Base, you will find two shade turrets, two fuel rod shade turrets, and three revenants. Walk to the top of the hill to the right, and kill the Grunts in the closest fuel rod shade turret and normal shade turret. Then, return to your scorpion and kill both the close and far revenants. Staying the scorpion, hug the concrete wall to the left to avoid the last fuel rod shade turret. Once you get to the edge of the wall, park the scorpion once again, look around the concrete structure, and DMR snipe the Grunt out of the fuel rod shade turret. Now that all of the largest threats are destroyed, renter the scorpion and drive the rest of the way to Sword Base. As you are driving, kill the last shade turret to your far right, and be prepared to kill a revenant waiting for you directly in front of the Sword Base doors. Once you arrive at the door, exit the scorpion and enter Sword Base.

As you come along the cement building, exit the scorpion and shoot the Grunt operating the fuel rod shade turret.

Part 2: Latchkey

Immediately inside the door, you will find a health kit on the left wall, so restock on health if necessary. Move forward up to the frontal courtyard, where you will find Carter, Jun, and Emile fighting seven Grunt majors, three Jackals, and three Elite majors. Carter, Jun, and Emile are fighting together on the raised walkway along the far wall, and the enemies are located in the courtyard. In front of you, you will see a truck and multiple cement barricades, both of which you can use as cover. Closest to you are two of the Elite majors. Stand next to the truck as cover and remove their shields with an overcharged plasma pistol and kill them with a headshot. Now, move up to the forward most cement barricade and use this as cover to pick of the other infantry in the courtyard. Because the enemies are mostly focused on the rest of noble team, this should be relatively easy.

Use the truck as cover to kill the two Elites, then use the cement barricades as cover to kill the remaining infantry in the courtyard.

Enter Sword Base through the large double doors. There are two Grunts operating plasma turrets inside. Kill them by using the central cement column as cover, and then quickly stepping into the open to kill one Grunt with a headshot. Repeat this for the other side. Continue into the base through the maintenance door to your left, where you will find a heath kit. Inside the hallway, you will find a plasma pistol, a shotgun, a health kit, and two armor ability cases containing sprint, hologram, and armor lock. I suggest you keep your current load out, but restock on plasma pistol energy from the one on the ground.

Outside of this room, you will enter the main maintenance shaft with a spiral walkway along the walls rising three stories. Directly out the door and to your left, there is a DMR and shotgun crate. On the second level, there are two Jackals close to you and two Jackal snipers with needle rifles along the back wall. From the safety of the smaller room you are in, kill all of these enemies, stepping farther back in the room if you get hurt. After killing these enemies, two Skirmisher majors usually jump down to your level. If so, kill them as well from your room. After killing these Skirmishers and all of the enemies on the second floor, restock on DMR ammo and sprint up the walkway to the back wall. If you linger in the middle of the room, the enemies on the third floor will shoot you.

Begin clearing the enemies on the stairwell from the cover of the room. Then patiently fight your way up the ramps until you reach the top level.

Now, slowly work your way up the maintenance shaft, using the angled columns as support. It is rather difficult to kill the enemies on levels higher than you, so only focus on the enemies immediately in front of you at all times. You will encounter the following enemies in the following order: two Jackals above the entrance door on the second level, two Jackal snipers with needle rifles on the start of the third floor, and one Jackal in front of the exit door on the third floor. Keep in mind that the enemies move around as they fight, so you may not encounter them in this order or in these locations. Patience is the key to success as you climb the shaft.

There is another DMR and shotgun crate on the third floor, health kits on the second and third floors, and plenty of plasma pistols from the dead Jackals, so you have plenty of opportunity to restock. It is important to be full of all of these things for the next fights, so be sure to restock completely. As you exit and continue through maintenance, you will once again come to an area with many weapons and supplies crates. You should be full on everything you need, so should not take anything.

Once you exit through the large door, you will enter the main courtyard of Sword Base. This is a variant of the “Sword Base” multiplayer map. In the courtyard, you will find six Elite spec ops, an Engineer, and an Elite general with a concussion rifle in the far right room. The two best areas of cover are the room that you came from and a fallen pillar directly outside of this door. Once finding proper cover, immediately kill the Engineer to remove the Elite’s overshields. Then, remove the shields from and kill and Elite spec ops that come within plasma pistol range. If they do not come to you, move forward behind one of the energy shields or the fallen walkway cover with the red lights. You will need to conserve plasma pistol energy when doing this. If your plasma pistol energy falls below 15, use your DMR to kill the remaining Elite spec ops with four body shots and one headshot. After killing all of the spec ops, the Elite general will come out of room with the glass ramp to the right. He usually stands at the top of the glass ramp to fire upon you and the other Spartans. The best cover to fight him is the fallen ramp piece with the red lights along the left wall. Once you charge up a strong plasma blast, rush him between bursts of concussion rifle fire. Once you stun him, he will stop shooting long enough for you to kill him.

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The two best pieces of cover for this fight are inside of the doorway (left) and behind the fallen column (right).

If you run out of plasma pistol energy: If you run out of plasma pistol energy, you have a few options to kill the Elite general. First, you can swap for one of the Elite’s plasma repeaters. Use this to remove his shields, and then kill him with a headshot. Second, you can sprint all the way down to the maintenance shaft for another plasma pistol. Third, you can wait in cover and let the other Spartans remove the general’s shields, and then kill him with a headshot.

Move up the glass ramp and into the room that the general was in. Head through the broken window and two your left, where you will find an elevator with a heath kit outside. Restock on heath if necessary and activate the elevator. This will start a long cut scene, where you will learn that your real mission was to evacuate Cortana, not destroy Sword Base.

Part 3: this cave is not a natural formation

This portion of The Package mission is a single firefight, in which you must survive as multiple waves of covenant attack you in order to capture Cortana. It is important to note that the covenant cannot breach Halsey’s lab, so despite what Carter and Dr. Halsey say, your sole objective is to survive. In addition, although Carter informs you of automated turrets located throughout the area, these turrets are practically useless and die quickly on legendary, so should not be maintained during the fight.

Directly in front of Halsey’s lab, there is a large assortment of equipment. Along the wall of the lab and in crates, you will find the following:
- Eight health kits
- Nearly unlimited DMR ammo
- Nearly unlimited assault rifle ammo
- Nearly unlimited magnum ammo
- Much shotgun ammo
- Much grenade launcher ammo
- Many frag grenades
- One Spartan laser
- A six ammo rocket launcher
- Every campaign armor ability excluding drop shield and active camouflage

The best position for this firefight is located to the right of the lab, near the back entrance. Stand in the area between the rock and the second building, where you have a good shot at the enemies approaching the other Spartans and the enemies in the open central area of the battlefield. Although it is theoretically possible for enemies to come up from behind you to the left, this absolutely never happens unless another player leads them to you. When you are in trouble, back up behind the rock or sprint behind the building. This area is the best for holding out for multiple reasons. First and most importantly, you are very close to an inexhaustible supply of DMR ammo and health kits. Although there are better positions, all of them are so far away that you would never have the opportunity to restock. Second, most of the infantry will attack Carter, Jun, and Emile from the front, providing you a perfect crossfire opportunity. Although the enemies will shoot at you, very few will ever charge you. Third, the wraiths, banshees, and ghosts will never attack you in this position, so you can fully focus your attention on the covenant infantry.

Stay in this position for the majority of the firefight for maximum success.

Especially during the Elite waves, you may find that the enemies are too far away to hit with an overcharged plasma pistol blast. If this is the case, you can move forward from your holdout position, but you then may be swarmed and killed by enemies. I would suggest only moving forward enough to achieve a lock-on, and then immediately walking back again while killing the Elite with a headshot. Another option is to move around the back of the second building and behind the rocks next to the corner of the building. These rocks have a low section in the middle, providing you with cover on the left and right and a clear shot in the middle. Be careful in this position, because the ghosts will shoot you and enemies will occasionally attack you from your right.

This area around the building allows you to get close to the enemies while still providing good cover.

Once you start running low on DMR ammo, start watching for an opportunity to return to the lab. Once you see one, sprint up to the lab and restock on DMR ammo. Once you begin to run low on plasma pistol energy, you will need to enter the battlefield to grab one. First, survey the area ahead of you and find the closest plasma pistol. When you see that you have a clear path to this plasma pistol, sprint to it, grab it, and sprint away before you are hurt. If possible, restock on both plasma pistol energy and DMR ammo between sets.

During this fight, phantoms will drop waves of enemies. Waves are triggered by time, while sets of waves are triggered when you clear out all of the enemies from the previous waves. In addition, one wave will not reach you all at the same time due to it being dropped from different drop zones of different distances away. This allows some waves to catch up with others, and creates the equivalent of a constant stream of enemies for each set. The each wave and set consists of the following enemies:

Set 1: This starts soon after you arrive at the lab
- Initially, there are two banshees in the air. You can kill them with the Spartan laser, but I do not suggest this because they almost never attack you if you stay in the suggested position.
1. Three Grunt minors, two Grunt majors, three Grunt ultras. After completing this wave, run and grab the nearest plasma pistol as your secondary weapon.
2. Three Grunt majors, four Jackals, one Brute major. Kill this Brute with helmet headshots because there is plenty of DMR ammo. Continue using helmet headshots to kill all of the brutes for the remainder of this mission.
3. Six Grunts, six Jackals, two Brute majors.
4. Four Grunt majors, six Jackals, twelve Brute majors, one wraith. This wraith will stay at the drop zone and will only shoot at the other Spartans. You are completely safe at your location.

Set 2: Halsey will say “Hold on Spartans, I’m getting close”. The music will now change to the music played during the boss wave of firefight matchmaking.
1. Two Grunt majors, two jackals, two Elite majors, three Elite rangers, two ghosts.
2. Two Grunt majors, two Jackals, four Skirmisher majors, two Elite majors, three Elite rangers.
3. Four Jackals. This is a mini-wave to enhance the effect of an endless stream.
4. Two Skirmisher majors, one Elite ultra.

Set 3: The music will change to a continuous drum solo.
1. Five Jackals, two Skirmisher majors, one Elite major, one Elite ultra, three Brute majors, two Hunters, two ghosts. Use the rocket launcher to kill the Hunters to injure the hunters, then finish them off with the Spartan laser, grenade launcher, and grenades.

Set 4: Halsey will say “the package is almost ready, just a bit more”. The music will change to the Halo main theme song. 1. One Grunt heavy with a fuel rod, two Elite majors, one Elite ultra, two wraiths.

After you kill most of these enemies, Halsey will declare that she is ready and you can open the lab doors with a switch on the left. You will not need to wait to kill the remaining enemies; once you see that the coast is clear, sprint up to the lab door and open it. Once entering the lab, Halsey will provide you with Cortana, who you need to deliver to Master Chief on the Pillar of Autumn. This concludes “The Package”.

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