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New Alexandria

This video walkthrough demonstrates how to complete the Halo Reach mission “New Alexandria” on Legendary alone. I include commentary explaining the best strategies as I perform them in the video. Be sure to set the quailty to 480p for the best viewing expirience.

Part 1: Fly By Night

Unlike other missions in the Halo Reach campaign, "New Alexandria" changes every time you play it. Every time you play this mission, you will always need to complete the same five objectives, but the order in which you must complete them is randomly chosen each time. You must fly between each of these objectives in a falcon, and you will often be attacked by banshees on the way. Because there are only five objectives, this mission is very short and can easily be completed in under half an hour.

You begin "New Alexandria" on the roof of a building with a 24 ammo DMR and, 148 ammo assault rifle, and sprint. You start standing next to a Falcon with two marines operating the side-mounted machinegun turrets. It is now nighttime in the city of New Alexandria, and the remainder of noble team has joined you. Your overarching goal for this mission is to assist nearby UNSC forces and destroy covenant jammers throughout the city. This is broken into five smaller objectives which you must complete in a randomly determined order.

To get between each objective, you will need to fly through the damage city of New Alexandria in your falcon. The city is teaming with long ranged shade turrets, banshees, and phantoms, all of which will often attack you when flying between objectives. Every time you destroy one of these vehicles, it will respawn somewhere else in the city, so you are incapable of clearing the skies permanently. Phantoms will not follow you and will only shoot if you get close to them, so should be avoided. Shade turrets are always on top of buildings, so can be avoided by flying at a low altitude. Banshees will attack you in squadrons, and must be engaged if they attack. Constantly watch your motion tracker to spot banshees before they arrive. Once you see one approaching you, turn and destroy it with the burst fire machinegun of your falcon. The marines will help destroy banshees with their machinegun turrets as well. However, you should not hunt down and kill banshees, and only every attack them defensively. You main goal should always be to transport between objectives quickly and safely.

Because the order of objectives varies each time you play, I wrote standalone instructions for each objective. Even though I numbered the objectives below, I only did this for convenience, and it is not necessarily the order in which you will receive them.

Objective 1: Jammer at the high-rise: Fly towards the tall building with the large green pentagon on the side. Move towards the waypoint at the landing pad, but be prepared for two shade turrets to attack you as you try to land. Fly back and forth while sporadically rising and falling to make yourself a hard target to hit, all the while shooting the shade turrets until they die. Once you have destroyed both, land on the landing pad with the green pentagon. As soon as you land, begin walking up the first flight of stairs, but stop about halfway up. On the floor above you, there are three Grunt minors and majors, one Grunt ultra, four Jackals, and a Jackal sniper with a focus rifle. The Grunts and Jackals will usually walk to the edge of the top stairs to shoot at you, providing you the perfect opportunity to kill them with DMR headshot. To take cover, walk a few steps down the stairs and the angle of decline will protect you.

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Before you land, destroy the two long ranged shade turrets protecting the landing pad. After you land, take cover at the first set of stairs and kill the covenant as they come to you.

Once you have cleared out the enemies directly in front of you, climb up to the last flight of stairs and use them as cover to kill any remaining enemies on the level above. There are usually a one or two Jackals and the Jackal sniper remaining. Move up the last stairs and to the far left, where you will find another staircase. Once again, climb most of the way up the last flight of stairs so that you have a clear shot at the level above. On this level, there are three Brute minors and a Brute major with a concussion rifle. Begin by killing the Brute minors with DMR helmet headshots because they are closer. When your shields fall or you see a concussion rifle shot approaching you, take a few steps down the stairs and the glass panel and cement wall will protect you completely. Use this strategy to kill the Brute major after you kill the Brute minor. You have now killed all of the enemies in this area, so are safe to move freely. Climb the stairs up to the next level and enter either of the elevator doors. If necessary, restock health on the health kit between the two elevators.

Use the stairs to the left as cover to kill the brutes on the level above.

The elevators will take you to a battle damaged courtyard, the “High Rise” multiplayer map. If you explore the area, you will find many marines corpses, health kits, assault rifles, magnums, shotguns, and armor ability crates. Most importantly, there are three DMRs. If you Restock from two of these, you will reach full DMR ammo. Begin by turning immediately left when exiting the elevator and walking between the stairs and the marble wall. Follow this hallway while hugging the left wall. On your left you will find another staircase, but do not take it; instead, head forward to the water sculpture. You will find a DMR just past this sculpture. Back track to the sculpture, turn right, and walk down the first set of stairs. There is a rocket launcher on the right and a DMR at the bottom of the second set of stairs. Once you are full on DMR ammo, walk towards the waypoint and deactivate the jammer.

You will find a DMR past this sculpture and to the right of this sculpture.

Deactivating this jammer triggers buggers to flood the entire area. As soon as you kill one bugger, another one will appear, creating an infinite supply. Therefore, the only thing you can do is escape. Sprint through the door to the right (when facing the jammer), then follow the hallway until you are out in the open. Turn left, then sprint along the wooden walkway while hugging the left most wall. When you reach the far wall in front of you, turn left and hide behind the wooden panal in the small room. Look outside for any buggers in sight. Kill any near you with DMR headshots, wait for your shields to regenerate fully, and then sprint for the elevators before more respawn. Once exiting the elevators on the lower floors, you are safe to return to your falcon. If necessary, restock on health on the heath kits on either side of the main hallway. Enter your falcon and begin flying towards your next objective.

Objective 2: Jammer at the hospital: Begin by landing at the waypoint. There are no enemies outside to attack you as you land, so you can immediately enter through the main doors. You will enter the top floor of a four-story complex with a large open area in the center of each floor. Directly in front of you on the top floor, there are six Grunt majors, four of whom are sleeping. However, floating in the middle area is an Engineer, but you currently cannot shoot it due to a pane of indestructible glass in front of you. Begin by killing any of the Grunts that are too far away to receive overshields, then use the sides of the doorway as cover to DMR headshot the other Grunts as they walk out of overshield range. Continue doing this until only one or two Grunts remain. Stay in cover until your shields are full, then sprint left past the remaining Grunts until you come to a sprint and hologram case. From here, shoot the Engineer through the open area in the glass. Now that all of the enemies have lost their overshields, you can safely begin fighting your way down the complex.

Once you have killed around half of the grunts, sprint past them and to the left. From here, you can kill the Engineer through an opening in the glass.

Begin by killing the remaining Grunts on your floor, then walk down the stairs along the outer wall to the third floor. Directly in front of you there is a DMR, so use it to restock ammo. Unless any enemies moved up or down a floor, there should be no enemies on this floor. Descend to the second floor on the staircase along the outer wall. On this floor, there are five Jackals. Kill them by slowly moving along the curvature of the railing to your left. If you become hurt, back up a few steps and the circular shape of the columns and glass wall to your left will provide you with cover. After killing the Jackals, focus on the enemies on the floor below. There are seven Grunt majors and a Brute major with a needle rifle on the bottom floor. DMR snipe them all through the open space between the railing and the glass wall, and back up for cover. Kill the Brute with helmet headshots, and preferable kill him first because he is most likely to hit you due to his accurate gun. If you need health at any time while descending through this complex, there are multiple health kits along the outer wall on each floor.

Move down to the bottom floor and swap you secondary weapon for his needle rifle. Exit through the door and you will enter a large hallway with the jammer at the end. Closer to you, there are five Brute minors and three Brute majors. One Brute minor and one Brute major have needle rifles. There is also an Engineer near the jammer, but it is too far away to provide overshields to the Brutes near you.

Sprint along the left wall until you come to a marine’s corpse and an assault rifle next to a glass map. This glass map is indestructible and provides great cover against the brutes ahead. Kill the Brutes closest to you with your needle rifle by shooting them three times in the body to cause a supercombine explosion. Use this method to kill all of the enemies between you and the elevated walkway. The enemies on the walkway are too far away to kill with a needle rifle, so kill them with DMR helmet headshots instead. After clearing both the courtyard ahead of you and the walkway, scavenge the Brutes bodies for needle rifle ammo and walk up to the elevated walkway. From here, kill the Engineer with your DMR and any remaining Brutes with your needle rifle. To your right, there is both a DMR and a health kit that you should use to restock.

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Begin by using the glass map as cover while you kill the Brutes ahead with your DMR and needle rifle. Then move up to the bridge to restock and finish off the enemies below.

Before deactivating the jammer, run back to the multistory complex and swap your needle rifle for one of the plasma pistols from the grunts you killed earlier. Then deposit this plasma pistol by swapping it for the assault rifle next to the glass map. This will help you greatly in the future. Return to the complex and swap your assault rifle for another plasma pistol. Now that you are prepared, deactivate the covenant jammer. Immediately sprint along the left wall until you come to a large white wall directly below the walkway. You will use this as cover.

This white wall provides the best cover for killing the Elite rangers because it both protects you and places you within plasma pistol range.

Deactivating the jammer triggered seven Elite rangers with plasma repeaters to spawn on the opposite side of the hallway. They will come up as far forward as your cover, just far enough that they cannot shoot you. Begin charging a plasma pistol and walking along the wall until you can see an Elite. As soon as you see one and achieve a lock-on, fire your overcharged plasma pistol at it to remove its shields. The Elite then will immediately begin jetpacking away backwards, so swap to your DMR as quickly as possible and kill it with a headshot in midair. Notice that the other Elite rangers will provide the escaping Elite with covering fire, so you must quickly kill it and return to cover to avoid health damage. This is not very difficult due to large size of Elite’s heads. Keep repeating this strategy until you run out of plasma pistol energy. To kill the remaining Elites, shoot them four times in the body and once in the head. After eliminating the last Elite rangers this way, restock on DMR ammo from the DMR behind the energy shield third closest to the destroyed jammer. Restock on plasma pistol energy from the plasma pistol you stashed by the glass map.

Once you return to the multi-story complex, you will find an Elite ultra with a concussion rifle and two Skirmisher majors with needle rifles on the bottom floor. Using the doorway as cover from the Elite ultras concussion rifle shots, kill the two Skirmishers with DMR headshots. Now that the Elite ultra is alone, he is easy to kill with an overcharged plasma pistol and DMR headshot. As you climb the stairs, you will encounter two more Skirmisher majors with needle rifles on the third floor. Kill them with DMR headshots once you see them. You can now safely return to your falcon and head towards your next objective.

Objective 3: Jammer at Club Errera: Surrounding the landing pads of the club, there are four Grunt spec ops, three Jackals, two Skirmisher majors with needle rifles, two Brute majors, and two fuel rod shade turrets. Begin by destroying the fuel rod shade turret with your falcon, then land on the side landing pad. From here, use the stairs as cover to kill all of the enemies outside. In most situations, you can take cover simply by walking a few steps backwards, but if the situation becomes very bad, walk down both sets of stairs and to the right in order to use the wall as cover. Kill the Skirmishers last by walking up the elevated platform they are on above the main door.

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Land at the side landing pad of Club Errerra and move up to the stairs as cover.

Once you kill all of the enemies outside, enter the club through the large orange doors. If necessary, restock health from either of the health kits to your left and right. Enter through the second doors into the main room. Inside of this room, there are four Hunters protecting a Jammer on second floor of the opposite side of the room. Two Hunter are on the same platform that the Jammer is on, and two are on the dance floor. In addition, some surviving marines are struggling to kill the Hunters. Although there is a rocket launcher and sufficient ammo in this room to kill the Hunters, it is very difficult to kill them because there are four. Therefore, it is much easier to run past them.

Jump onto the dance floor and enter the room below the DJ station. On the bar, you will find a crate with two jetpacks. Swap your current armor ability for a jetpack. Run across the dance floor and jetpack over the Hunters so that you land next to the jammer. Quickly overload it and then jetpack away before the Hunters melee you or fire their fuel rods, then leave the club from the door that you entered. I was able to do this in one try, but you may need to attempt this a few times before successfully overloading the jammer and escaping without harm. If you were hurt in the process, use one of health kit in the entrance room before you go. The landing pad is clear for you to return to your falcon.

Swap your current armor ability for a jetpack from the bar. Use this jetpack to fly over the Hunters.

Objective 4 and 5: Providing air support: Two of the objectives you must complete in “New Alexandria” entail providing some form of air support to UNSC soldiers or evacuation Pelicans. These objectives are much shorter and easier than deactivating the jammers and do not require you to leave your falcon. There are several different air support objectives, but they are all relatively similar and can be completed with the same tactics. In each one, you will need to eliminate infantry or turrets from your falcon. Fly to the waypoint and destroy all covenant infantry or turrets with red triangles over them with your burst fire machinegun. Fly back and forth and change your altitude sporadically to avoid fire from these enemies. Once you eliminate all of the required targets, Kat will send you to your next objective.

This is one possible air support objective in which you must assist stranded UNSC soldiers fighting jackals and Brutes.

Possible 4th or 5th Objective: Escorting ODST Buck: Once your reach the building that Buck is on, he will take off in his falcon. You now will need to protect him from banshee squadrons that attack. Fly around 75 meters behind him and be prepared for banshees to attack from all angles. Try to kill the banshees from as far away as possible so that they cannot shoot you. When a banshee does start shooting at you, fly back and forth sporadically while constantly changing altitudes to make yourself difficult to hit. While doing this, turn and kill that banshee as soon as possible. Once Buck reaches his landing point, be prepared for a large squadron of banshees to attack you simultaneously. After Buck lands and you kill these banshees, Kat will assign you your next objective.

Possible 4th or 5th objective: Deactivating a rooftop jammer: This air support objective is slightly different than the others because it also requires you to deactivate a fourth jammer. Unlike the other jammers, this one is located on rooftop level so is much easier to reach. There are a number of grunts and brutes nearby protecting the jammer, all of which you should kill with the burst fire machinegun of your falcon. Be sure to fly around sporadically to avoid the infantries’ fire. If you are having trouble with this, you can also land on the rear slanted part of the building and use the air conditioner units as cover to kill the infantry on foot. Once the rooftop is entirely clear, land next to the jammer and overload it by pressing x.

Part 2: Last One Out…Turn Out the Lights

Your final objective is to destroy the long-range shade turrets around the ONI building so that the Pelicans can evacuate the civilians in the building. Although this is considered and entire rally point, it is a very short objective, requiring only two or three minutes. Six long ranged shade turrets are mounted on top of six skyscrapers forming a circle around the ONI building. There are an unlimited supply of banshees and Phantoms in the area around ONI building as well.

Because there is an unlimited supply of aircraft, you should not attack any of them, even when they attack you. Instead, focus solely on destroying the shade turrets. Fly in a circle around the ONI building so that you can destroy the shade turrets as you fly by without stopping. Stay at full speed this entire time so that you can outdistance yourself from the banshees that try to peruse you. After destroying all six long-ranged shade turrets, Kat will extend a landing pad on which you can land. Once you hover over the landing pad, the game will play the final cut scene.

Fly in a circle around the ONI building to destroy the long ranged shade turrets. Do not engage any covenant aircraft.

In this scene, Noble team discusses the condition of Reach, and Admiral Holland contacts Carter to inform Noble Team of a torch and burn operation on Sword Base. A covenant corvette then begins glassing New Alexandria, so Noble team escapes to bunker. However, on their way to this bunker, an Elite Field Marshall (the one you see in Winter Contingency) in a phantom kills Kat with a single headshot, presumably because she had lost her shields from the initial impact of the glassing. The scene ends with the remainder of Noble team exiting the bunker after the glassing to signal a Pelican for evacuation.

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