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Long Night of Solstice

This video walkthrough demonstrates how to complete the Halo Reach mission “Long Night of Solstice” on Legendary alone without running by enemies. I include commentary explaining the best strategies as I perform them in the video. Skip to 4:00 for the second rally point and 16:15 for the third rally point. Be sure to set the quailty to 480p for the best viewing expirience.

Part 1: First Floor: Aliens, Beaches, Secret Launch Stations

The three rally points of "Long Night of Solstice" vary greatly in environment and combat style. The first section involves combat similar to earlier outdoor missions. However, you fly a Saber, a UNSC fighter somewhat similar to a banshee, In the second section. The third section takes place within a covenant cruiser, so has little UNSC weapons and equipment as well as many rooms with low gravity. Be ready to change your combat styles for each section.

You start "Long Night of Solstice" with a 56 ammo magnum, a 320 ammo assault rifle, two frags, and sprint. You and the rest of noble team are going to destroy the covenant cruiser through unconventional means, using the slip-drive engine of a UNSC frigate to produce an explosion of teleportation. However, you first will need to get into space, so will need to assist the nearby Saber launch facility that is being attacked by covenant forces.

You begin on the opposite end of the beach from the facility, and need to fight your way towards it. Luckily, the beach is filled with lines of body height rocks, providing perfect cover. The other five Spartans are helping you as well, and together, they are capable of both killing some of the lighter infantry and drawing the majority of the enemy fire. Noble team will hug the rock walls to the right as they move forward, so you should hug the waterline to the left. This way, you can flank the enemies and easily kill them while they are focused on fighting the other five Spartans.

Between the first and second lines of rock formations, there are five Grunts, three Jackals, and an Elite major that you will need to kill. Sprint to the rock closest to the water line and use it as cover while you begin picking off as many Grunts as possible. The Jackals are farther to the right, so you can leave them to the Spartans. When the Elite is firing upon one of the other Spartans, sprint past the first line of rocks, swap your assault rifle for a plasma pistol from one of the Grunts, and plasma pistol and headshot the Elite from the side before he turns to attack you. Once you clear out all of the enemies between this line of rocks and then next line, sprint up and use the rock closest to the water on the second line as cover.

Hug the water line and use the strips of rocks as cover to kill the infantry attacking the launch facility.

Continue to use this strategy to push up the entire beach. No more light infantry will be dropped, but the initial Grunts and Jackals will move backwards and noble team pushes forwards. In addition, an Elite minor, an Elite major, and an Elite ultra will arrive in drop pods as you move farther forward. Once again, it is easiest to kill the Elites when they are busy fighting noble team.

Once you push all the way through this section, the beach will kink right and you will be in sight of the Saber launch facility. In the last stretch of beach ahead of you, there are four Jackals, seven Grunts, and two Jackal snipers with needle rifles. Find cover behind one of the larger rock stacks and kill the Jackal snipers first. Then kill the Grunts and Jackals from this cover. If they are too far away, move up to another rock, but be sure that you are always in cover. Once you are about halfway to the facility, an Elite ultra with a concussion rifle will arrive in a drop pod behind the sandbags in front of the facility. Flank him by sprinting up the path to the right between the rock wall and the large rock, and then kill him from behind with an overcharged plasma pistol and a headshot.

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Swap your magnum for a DMR from the weapons case outside. Once inside the facility, be prepared to kill an Elite after you see a flying marine.

Swap your magnum for a DMR from the case on the right column. Restock your health from the health kit next to the DMRs if necessary. Also, search the beach for the most full plasma pistol. Having a nearly full plasma pistol is important for the third section of this mission. Enter the facility through the main doors in front of you. Follow the hallways and take a right through the door with fires on either sides. Once through this door, be careful because an Elite will attack you from within the facility. As you climb the first ramp, you will see an UNSC soldier flying through the air ahead of you. Immediately begin charging your plasma pistol so you can stun the Elite as soon as he walks in front of you. Finish him with a DMR headshot. He is the last enemy you will encounter in this section.

Follow the other Spartans through the Saber launch facility to the launch pad. Although you will see many marine corpses, no more covenant will attack you. Finish this rally point by entering the Saber spacecraft.

Part 2: Operation: Upper Cut

Weapons: For this entire rally point, you will be flying a Saber, so it is important to recognize the best strategies for using it. The Saber is equipped with two weapons, a high accuracy machinegun and heat seeking missile launchers. To toggle between these weapons, press Y. If you hold the reticule over an enemy spacecraft for approximately one second while in missile mode, you will achieve a missile lock-on, indicated by a red square appearing over the spacecraft. This means that when you fire, the six missiles will follow the enemy and usually kill it. When in machinegun mode, a circle will appear near any spacecraft that you try to shoot. This circle indicates how much you must lead the enemy spacecraft in order to hit it. Therefore, always aim for the circle. If the circle is blue instead of red, you are out of range of the aircraft.

Enemies: You will be fighting three types of enemy spacecraft in this mission; banshees, seraphs, and phantoms. Banshees should be killed with your missiles, and only require a single missile hit to kill. The plasma turrets of a Banshee are too weak to seriously damage your Saber. Seraphs, on the other hand, are equipped with shields that deflect these missiles, so are harder to kill. First, remove the seraph’s shields with your machinegun, then finish it with your missiles. This requires you to follow the seraph for a long period, leaving you vulnerable to other enemy fighters, so always beware of your surroundings and health when fighting seraphs. Seraphs also have much stronger plasma cannons, capable of quickly destroying your Saber, so pose much more of a threat. Phantoms do not have shields like seraphs, but instead contain large amounts of armor. For this reason, phantoms should be destroyed with missiles, but will require three to four successful volleys destroy. They also contain strong plasma cannons that inflict heavy damage but fire slowly. However, phantoms can only move in a straight line, so cannot turn to shoot enemies above them. For this reason, you should fly high above a phantom and then dive down towards it while firing many volleys of missiles from above.

Health and evasive maneuvers: Your Saber has two types of health; shields and hull integrity. Similar to shields and health, your shields must be entirely destroyed before your hull integrity can be damaged. Unlike health, however, hull integrity will regenerate fully, but takes much longer to regenerate than shields. Because there is no cover in space, I suggest flying to safety when your shields fall below 30%. To avoid enemy fire, your Sabre can perform evasive maneuvers. Press left or right on the right joystick while holding the left bumper to perform a barrel roll. This is a quick maneuver useful for evading enemy fire from the sides or behind. Also, if you are flying directly at an enemy who is shooting at you, perform a barrel roll to evade their fire while still keeping them in sights. If possible, launch a locked-on missile volley before performing the barrel roll to permanently deal with the threat. Press up on the right joystick while holding the left bumper to perform a flip turn. Do not perform this near Anchor 9 because it is easy to accidentally crash while performing this maneuver. This maneuver is useful when an enemy is not merely shooting you but is following you. If you have high shields and hull integrity, perform a flip turn to face the enemy following you. If you have low shields or hull integrity, perform a flip turn and then boost away from the fight while sporadically performing barrel rolls until your shields and hull integrity return.

Your objective is to destroy the enemy spacecraft around Anchor 9. Three invincible Sabers assist you in this. Although these Sabers help draw enemy fire, they rarely kill any enemy spacecraft, so you will be responsible for destroying the entirety of each incoming wave. Each new wave arrives shortly after you destroy all enemies from the previous waves. You usually recieve a checkpoint after each wave, but this does not always happen. Each wave consists of the following:
- 1. Eight banshees
- 2. Four seraphs
- 3. Seven banshees, six seraphs. At this time, Anchor 9’s defense system is fixed and will aid you in destroying the enemy fighters. These defenses somewhat successful and killing enemy fighters and usually get a few kills.
- 4. Seven banshees, three seraphs, four phantoms

Your objective is to destroy the covenant spacecraft attacking Anchor 9.

After killing the last wave of enemies, you will need to dock at Anchor 9 so that Jorge can transfer to the Pelican equipped with the makeshift weapon. You will now need to board a covenant corvette in order to deliver the weapon to the Covenant Cruiser. The Savanna, the frigate whose slip-drive engine will be used, provides firing support for overtaking the cruiser.

Protecting the cruiser is a squadron of six seraphs and eight banshees. Instead of killing these first, focus on destroying the corvette’s engines so you can board. Fly far behind the corvette, then flip turn so you are facing it. With minimum thrust, fly at the corvette while bombarding its engines in the rear with successive volleys of missiles. At the last second, turn around and perform the same bombing run again. Repeat this until you have destroyed all four engines. This will cause three more seraphs to arrive. You will need to destroy all of the remaining fighters protecting the corvette before you can land. Destroying these fighters will cause a marker to appear on the top entrance of the corvette, indicating that you can board. Fly towards this marker, which will trigger a cut scene once you come within 100 meters. Boarding the corvette concludes this rally point.

Part 3: And the Horse You Flew In On

You begin this section having just landed on the top of the corvette. This area is the “?Zealot” multiplayer map. Be careful, because you now are in a low gravity zone. For this reason, you should never jump, because you will be an easy target while in midair and will take several seconds to return to ground. In addition, all sounds are severely distorted and muted, so you will need to be extra cautious and constantly use your motion tracker. Your first objective is to kill the enemies in the control room below to prevent the corvette from communicating with other covenant forces.

Begin by waiting outside, and two Elite rangers will jetpack up to your level. Because there is very little cover up here, it is essential that you kill them quickly, ideally before they can even reach the ground. Luckily, they will not shoot while in midair. Next, walk through the energy shield and land on the purple column running across the top of the room. Run backwards along the column until you reach the far wall, where you will be relatively safe.

Kill the first two Elite rangers as they jetpack up to your level.

In this room, there are four Elite rangers, two of which are dual wielding plasma pistols. In addition, there are also carcasses of many Elites, Grunts, and Jackals that presumably died prior to your arrival. Carefully watch your motion tracker and look over the edge of the column to your left and right to determine how many Elite rangers are directly below you. If possible, kill them by scooting to the edge of the column, removing their shields with your plasma pistol, and killing them as they walk under you. If you are sure that there are none left below you, drop down and immediately survey your surroundings. If you see any Elite rangers to your left or right, kill them immediately before they can kill you. There is no cover here, so your only protection is to kill the enemies quickly. Once you are clear from both sides, begin carefully moving around the perimeter of the control room. You will soon come to areas with much better cover. Once you find a good place, wait there and kill the rangers as they come to you. If some do not come to you, carefully hunt them down and kill them, but be sure to always stay close to good cover.

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In order to safely enter the corvette, jump down onto the purple column and run along to the back wall. From here, kill the Elite rangers directly below you and drop down.

After killing the last Elite ranger, run below the control panels on the first level. Here, you will find a plasma pistol and a DMR, both of which you should use to restock. Almost immediately, three Grunt ultras and an Elite ranger will come through the door directly ahead of you. Use the columns holding up the control panels as cover to kill these enemies. After killing them, continue through the hallway they came from, depositing you in the main landing bay of the corvette. This area is the “Corvette” firefight map. In the landing bay, there are eight Grunt ultras (one of which has a fuel rod,) five Elite rangers (two with needle rifles, two with focus rifles, and one with a plasma repeater,) and one Engineer. Immediately run up the ramp to your left and into the room behind you. This will provide you good cover from both enemies down below and jetpacking Elites.

As soon as you walk into the docking bay, turn to your left and walk up the ramp into this room. This is the optimal position for safely clearing the docking bay.

Begin by killing the Engineer with two headshots. This will remove the shield bonus on the enemies, allowing you to begin killing the grunt ultras. Walk a few stops out of the room to pick off Grunts that come up the ramp to you. Walk back into the room for cover if your shields begin to fall. When Elite ultras jetpack up to your level, charge your plasma pistol from the safety of the room and then step out to kill them quickly. Using these tactics with patience will eliminate all of the Grunts and most of the Elite ultras. If you ever run out of DMR ammo, there is a crate of needle rifles next to you which you can use as a substitute if necessary. The Elite ultras with focus rifles will not come to you and will instead stay on the other side of the room. To kill them, shoot them 4 times in the body with your DMR to remove their shields and once in the head to kill them.

Eliminating the last Elites will allow you to activate the shield controls, allowing Jorge to enter the corvette. In his pelican, he will drop off four marines and an assortment of armor abilities, health kits, and UNSC weapons. Restock on health and DMR ammo from his supplies. You now will need to overtake the main controls of the corvette, allowing you to initiate a refueling run with the cruiser. Soon after you resupply, the doors to the left will open, revealing four Grunt majors and two Elite ultras, one with a needle rifle. Use the sloped wall with the concussion rifle crate as cover and begin by killing the Grunts. Then use the sides of the doorway as cover to kill the Elites.

As you continue down the hallway, you will come to the gun control room. To your left, there is a ramp to the lower level, but you should continue strait forward and stay on the upper level. On the lower level there are two Elite ultras. Kill them from above and walk backwards for cover if necessary. Continue to the main control room through a winding hallway. In the room, there are four Grunt ultras, an Elite general with a concussion rifle, and three Elite spec ops, one of which has an energy sword. Alert the enemies of your presence by killing one of the Grunt ultras, and then run back into the doorway for cover. From here, kill the remaining Grunt ultras and any Elites that come close to you. If the enemies get close enough that the doorway does not provide enough cover, back up and turn behind the first kink in the hallway for optimal protection. If the Elites do not all come to you, pick of the Elite spec ops from a distance with four DMR body shots and one headshot. Once the Elite general is alone, he is easy to kill with an overcharged plasma pistol and DMR headshot.

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Kill the elites in the gun control room from the platform above (left). Kill the enemies in the main control room from the doorway (right).

Once the area is secure, activate the refueling sequence at the control panel. This triggers five Grunt majors, two Jackals, and an Elite major to enter from the room you came from. Use the pillar of this control panel as cover to kill the light infantry, then move up to kill the Elite. Continue to the gun control room, where you will find two Grunts, a Jackal, and an Elite major at the far end. Use the first rectangular cover to your left and once again kill the light infantry, than the Elite. Once you arrive back in the docking bay, you will find Jorge fighting two Grunts, three Jackals, and an Elite major. Keep your distance and pick them off as they are focused on fighting Jorge. Restock on DMR ammo and health from Jorge’s supplies. Notice that Jorge took out two more DMR cases and a sniper rifle case which he placed next to the shield. I would not suggest taking a Sniper rifle because all of the Elites in the rest of this mission require two headshots to kill.

After restocking, move up to the platform with the door control. This will area will provide the best cover for the upcoming fight. As a last chance effort, all remaining covenant onboard will rush the Pelican in an attempt to destroy the weapon. Like in all campaign firefights, the weapon is actually indestructible, so your only objective is to survive. This platform provides good cover because there is only one path the enemies can take to reach you and you can move to safety by walking backwards. For every wave of the firefight, kill all of the Grunts and Jackals from this perch and then jump down to assist Jorge in killing the remaining Elites. If necessary, restock on DMR ammo, health, and/or find a new plasma pistol between waves. The waves contain the following:
- 1. Two Jackal snipers with needle rifles, four Jackals. Be sure to kill the Jackal snipers first.
- 2. Three Grunt majors and an Elite major
- 3. Six Grunt majors, two Elite majors
- 4. Four Elite ultras; two with plasma launchers, one with a concussion rifle, and one dual wielding plasma rifles. Be careful because one of the Elite ultras with a plasma launcher will come out of the door directly behind you. After finishing this wave, return to Jorge at the Pelican to finish the mission.

This position will provide you with great protection and a clear shot at the enemies below as they attack Jorge and his weapon.
On the last wave, an Elite Ultra will spawn behind you.

In the final cut scene, you learn that both the Pelican and the weapon have been damaged. For these reasons, you must return to Reach by jumping off the corvette and Jorge must detonate the weapon manually, a guaranteed suicide. After jumping off the corvette, you see the effects of Jorge detonating the weapon, an explosion that completely demolishes the cruiser. However, the mission ends with you seeing at least a dozen more cruisers arriving through faster than light travel, somewhat dampening the victory of destroying the first cruiser.

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