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Lone Wolf

Part 1: There will be Another Time

Because the Pillar of Autumn was the last space vessel on Reach, you now have no method of escaping after proving it covering fire. Therefore, you head to a nearby settlement that has already been glassed to make your last stand against the covenant. Unlike other missions, this mission has no objective other than surviving and therefore cannot be won. Instead, you must endlessly fight progressively more difficult hordes of Elites and Grunts until you die. When you “die”, and you eventually will, it triggers the final cut scene of the game.

The area that "Lone Wolf" takes place in was specifically designed to make survival difficult. There are very few weapons, poor cover, and poor visibility due to silt particles mixed into the air. Enemies enter the area through frequent drop ships and by walking in through the edges of the map. The first few times you take damage without shields, a dent appears in your helmet, making it harder to see. Using a health kit or a drop shield will not remove these dents. After 30 seconds, your weapons HUD will disappear as well.

You start this mission with a 15 ammo DMR, 22 ammo magnum, and sprint. The best strategy for this map is to quickly find an area with cover before you are overwhelmed by enemies. I would suggest immediately sprinting forward through the house ahead of you and grabbing the drop shield on the dirt road to your left. Then, move to an area of cover. My two favorite areas are a stack of pipes along the forward right corner of the map and a large rock behind your starting position. Once you find a position, kill all of the Grunts near you with your magnum and then swapping your magnum for one of their plasma pistols. Stay in your area of cover to kill the endless waves of Elites and Grunts, and use your drop shield to provide both health and further cover. Try to be as accurate as possible with your DMR to preserve ammo.

If you successfully survive for a while, you will eventually run out of DMR ammo. Swap your DMR for the magnum you started with. Once you run out of magnum ammo, you will need to resort to swapping for an Elite’s weapon. I would suggest using a plasma rifle or an energy sword if available. To kill Elites with a plasma rifle, remove their shields with you overcharged plasma pistol and finish them with your plasma rifle. To kill an Elite with an energy sword, attack it once or twice to kill it, depending on its rank.

In addition to infantry, covenant vehicles will also harass you during this fight. Phantoms and Spirits will fire concussion rounds at you as they fly by, and after around three minutes, wraiths off the map will begin firing at you as well. If you stay in the position with the three pipes, neither of these vehicles will attack you for some unknown reason. You cannot kill or jack the wraiths because they are out of bounds.

Eventually, you will be overwhelmed by Elites as they attack you in large groups. When you die, the game will trigger the final cut scene in which you take off your helmet and kill a few more Elites before an Elite Zealot stabs you with an energy sword. The screen shows your helmet lying in the glassed wasteland, and then transforms to show your helmet years later after the area has regrown into a healthy meadow after the defeat of the flood and alliance with the covenant. Dr. Halsey then summarizes the success of humanity against the covenant seen in the other Halo games, presumably for the players who have not played these games.

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