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Halo 4 Walkthrough

The contents of this website

My sole purpose in creating this internet walkthrough is to help those struggling with the Halo 4 campaign and Spartan ops. All of my instructions are focused on fighting against the covenant and Prometheans; if you came here looking for help with matchmaking, this is not the site for you. I did not make this website to benefit myself; my only intent is to help others, so you will never find any advertisements or fees.

As you have probably noticed, there are hundreds, if not thousands of Halo 4 walkthroughs on the internet. When I was looking through these websites, I found most of them to be general guides, not specific step by step walkthroughs. While these guides are a great help to some players, I know that others (like me) want something more specific. I like to play Halo games very strategically, and I always try to find the safest and easiest ways to clear a section. I wanted to supply a walkthrough to the Halo community to help the players who play like I do, so I chose to make very detailed walkthroughs instead of general guides.

When I play any Halo game, I always enjoy beating the campaign without skipping any enemies. Therefore, I chose to write instructions showing how to play this same way. Both my campaign and Spartan ops walkthroughs show how to beat each mission without running by or skipping a single enemy. While following my instructions will take you far longer than speed running, if you like playing like I do, I hope you will find my tactics more fun and rewarding.

Regarding speed running and glitching

Let me begin this section by clearly stating that I have absolutely nothing against speed running or glitching, and I think no less of players who use speed running techniques or glitches. I completely recognize that both speed running and glitching both require skill and practice, and I view them both as valid play styles. I do not use either of these tactics in my walkthroughs simply because I want to present a walkthrough for those who enjoy playing the campaign as I do.

For those who are unfamiliar with these terms, speed running and glitching are two types of play styles that differ from traditional strategies. Note that speed running and glitching are not mutually exclusive; speed runners will often implement glitches in their paths. Speed runners avoid the majority of the enemies in a mission and only kill those who they absolutely need to. They do this by following a path through the mission in which enemies have difficulty seeing or shooting them. Speed runners develop and follow these paths with much practice, performing difficult jumps such as sprint jumps, grenade jumps, and concussion rifle jumps. Glitching is a somewhat similar play style in which the player exploits errors in 343’s level design in order to avoid enemies or skip sections of a mission. This allows them to complete this mission faster and more easily.

Throughout this entire website, I will not use speed running or glitching techniques, and I very rarely instruct the reader to avoid enemies permanently. (Note that I may suggest taking a path that allows you to temporarily bypass enemies so that you can kill them from behind later.) I do not use evasion tactics because I wish to present a website that shows the reader how to succeed on Legendary while still killing all of the enemies. This type of “traditional” playing will take far longer, although I personally find it more fun.

Originality and uniqueness of the information in this website

Every strategy and tactic that you will find in any part of this website is one that I have discovered and developed alone. No content in this website has been copied or influenced by the websites or videos of others. All information, including the number of enemies in each area, is information that I found through constant replaying of missions video capture technology. Sadly, there is one technique which I must admit I found from another player. I learned how to jack a wraith when playing firefight matchmaking in Halo Reach; I witnessed a player I met online perform the exact same trick which I now implement multiple times throughout this website.

I recognize that some, if not the most of the content in this website can be found elsewhere on the internet. Part of this is due to the somewhat repetitive techniques you must implement if you choose to kill all of the enemies in a mission. Part of this is due to that fact that there is a best way to do most things in Halo, and many people have discovered this best way.

You should not expect to find an all-powerful, easy-out strategy unique to my website. I consider my website original but not unique. I do not expect to spread a breakthrough new way of playing Halo, I instead hope to provide a well-organized, detailed walkthrough that may aid some readers in improving their Halo 4 experience.

Copying and referencing the material in this website

Feel free to copy any information you find in this website. If possible, I would appreciate that you reference my website if you choose to copy any text, images, or videos. Also, feel free to include a link to any part of my website in another website, video tag, picture tag, etc. (in fact, I would appreciate this very much). If you wish to clarify anything regarding copying or referencing the material in this website, feel free to contact me (see the section below.)

Contact Me

I would love to hear your feedback. Email me at HaloReachWalkthrough@hotmail.com (I know the email name is misleading, but I did not feel like getting a new one for this website) and I will try to respond in 2-3 business days. I will happily read and respond to any questions you have, sections you wish for me to clarify, sections you feel I should edit or change, or comments on any section of this website. I am always open to criticism as well. I can only fix an area that you feel needs improvement if you notify me of the problem.

If you wish for me to add any tactics or strategies that you have found to a section of my website, please email them to me at the address listed above. In this email, please specify under which article you wish for me to place your information and if you want me to credit the information to you. If you do wish to be referenced, please also include what name you want me to reference you as. If I choose not to add a suggested strategy or tactic, I will respond with an email explaining why I did not add it. Feel free to clarify any point I misunderstood or work with me to fix the issues that I saw.

If you wish to friend me on Xbox live, my gamer tag is “The After Sheep”. If you send me a friend request, please follow it with a message informing me that you learned of my gamer tag through this website. I usually decline friend requests of people that I do not know. If possible, please email me your gamer tag before you friend request me as well, including what you wish for us to do together over Xbox live.

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