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Campaign Walkthroughs

What to expect

Below are links to detailed walkthroughs for each mission in the Halo 4 campaign. You will find clear step-by-step instructions informing the reader of the best places to use as cover, which weapons to use and where to find them, the enemies you must kill, and the order and style in which you should kill these enemies. I also include five to ten captioned pictures in each walkthrough, as well as a video walkthrough with commentary. Due to the large amount of detail, each walkthrough is rather lengthy and may take you some time to read.

I highly suggest you read or at least skim the Overview section of this website before reading each walkthrough because it will provide you with a better understanding of the strategies and tactics that I use. At the very least, please read the Loadout, Enemies, and Covenant Vehicles section, as they will provide you with the most important information on how to overcome any type of enemy you encounter.

Notice that each walkthrough is written expecting that you are playing the mission alone on Legendary. If you are playing on a lower difficulty, use the same tactics but expect to find fewer enemies than are listed in each walkthrough. If you are playing co-op, you may wish to use different tactics than the ones I supply, although many of the tactics that you will find in each walkthrough can be applied to multiplayer co-op. Notice that if you are playing co-op on Legendary, you will find more enemies than are listed.

Due to probability, Halo 4 will often change the type and weapon of some enemies every time you play. For this reason, the enemies that I list in each section may be somewhat different than those you find. Although you will never find more or less enemies than the amount that I describe, you may find an elite minor instead of an elite major or a grunt with a fuel rod instead of a grunt with a plasma pistol. High-ranking enemies, such as elite generals or binary rifle knights, will always spawn the same way each time you play. Also, the enemy positions and behaviors you encounter may differ slightly from those that I describe, especially if you take longer or use different tactics.

Spoiler Alert!

Please notice that the contents of each mission are described in detail in each walkthrough. If you read the walkthrough of a mission, you will learn exactly what happens in that mission. Therefore, if you wish to experience the story on your own, please play through a mission at least once before reading its corresponding walkthrough. Notice that the Overview section of this website does not create any potential spoilers.

Links to each mission

The links below will send you to a walkthrough for the corresponding mission in the Halo 4 campaign.

Mission 1: Dawn

Mission 2: Requiem

Mission 3: Forerunner

Mission 4: Infinity

Mission 5: Reclaimer

Mission 6: Shutdown

Mission 7: Composer

Mission 8: Midnight

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